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Sales and Storytelling

High IMPACT Salespeople are great storytellers.

It's much easier to tell a story poorly than it is to tell one well. But, if you can master this skill, it will pay you back in spades.

A story is far more persuasive than any canned sales presentation.

After all, it's not that hard to stand in front of prospects and regurgitate facts-and-figures, features-and-benefits, and a litany of data. However, gifted salespeople weave stories around their "presentations" in a way that forces their listeners to lean in and want to hear more.

Top salespeople understand that good stories have four things going for them. They're...

1. Message Delivery Mechanisms: Why are you telling the story? It better drive home a point, otherwise it's a waste of time. A story should deliver a neat package to your listeners that drives its point home. Tell the story, then make your point.

2. Rich with Characters: Interesting characters make stories worth listening to (and more memorable). Think of a great story: You probably remember it because of the people in it.

3. Relatable: People like stories they can relate to. Unbelievable stories aren't as compelling as those that your audience can approach. Talk about things that are universal.

4. Plot-driven: A story where nothing happens is boring. Because no one wants to hear a boring story, don't tell one.

It's important that stories never seem rehearsed. The most interesting stories are the ones their tellers are literally "reliving." That's tough. But it's "sales gold!"