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Robert Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion Workshop

Because we ask our clients to invest in our sales training programs, it only makes sense that we also invest in our own professional development, too. And that's exactly what I did last week, in addition to the Selling Power Magazine's Sales 2.0 Conference, I attended the "Principles of Persuasion" Workshop based on Robert Cialdini’s work. Robert Cialdini -- as you probably know – is the author of the book, Influence: Science and Practice. If you haven’t read it. Do it! It’s the seminal book on the science of effective persuasion in the business world. I first came across it about 10 years ago and it changed the way I thought about the science behind persuasion. The conference was even better than the book! I met some very interesting people and walked away with some highly practical ideas about how to more effectively use persuasion in my work life. The 6 principles outlined in the program are (slowly) becoming part of my day-to-day. And I’m already seeing very positive results. Here's a taste:

  1. Reciprocation: People are obliged to give back to others who have given to them;
  2. Liking: People prefer to say “yes” to those they know and like;
  3. Consensus: People decide what’s appropriate for them to do in a situation by examining what others are doing there;
  4. Authority: People rely on those with superior knowledge or wisdom for guidance on how to respond;
  5. Consistency: Once people make a choice/take a stand, they will encounter personal and interpersonal pressure to behave consistently with what they have previously said or done.
  6. Scarcity: Opportunities appear more valuable when they are less available.

Anyway, we stand to gain nothing with this endorsement: At the very least, get the book. And, if you can, attend the program. You won't regret it!     @JebBrooks