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The Rewards of being More Than a 'Traditional Salesperson'

Last week I was invited to speak at a “Small Business Success Series” at a local association which I was excited to do.  An important part of our IMPACT Selling methodology is “positioning” yourself as something more than a traditional ‘salesperson’ who delivers their “pitch” or “value proposition”.  Speaking is one of the positioning strategies we teach (and it’s #3 on our top 14 list as the most effective prospecting strategies with cold calling being #14!) I was anticipating an audience of novice selling professionals who had weekly and daily ‘cold call’ requirements.  To my surprise over 75% of my audience has been selling for at least 5 years and more.  At the end of my talk I was approached by the Regional Director of Operations of a major hotel chain who was attending with some of his sales people (major kudos to this manager who “walks the walk” with his people!).  He asked me if I would speak at his upcoming meeting of franchise owners and general managers on the same subject.  The moral of this story is this … if you really want to succeed in selling, stop cold calling & delivering your ‘sales pitch’. Work on positioning yourself as a business expert or advisor and prospects will come to you.  We call that “pull prospecting” and that is every sales professionals desire, right