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Responding to Web Leads: The Facts

Okay. So I'll freely admit that I'm a bit behind the times. This Forbes post by Ken Krogue was published way back in September. And I'm just now finding it. But, in case some of you are like me and missed it, here's the gist. (the first company to combine hosted CRM with built-in phone dialer software) published a study in which they mystery shopped more than 4,000 companies by submitting fake (but very real-looking) web leads to see how fast and persistent their responses were. Here's some of what they found

  • Only 27% of web leads are ever contacted.
  • The average response time to web leads is 34.6 hours.
  • Salespeople give up on reaching web leads after 2.6 tries. It takes 9-10 calls to contact an average decision maker.
An earlier version of this study uncovered something even more fascinating...
  • If a company can respond to a lead within 5 minutes of it being generated, versus waiting even 30 minutes, the odds of contacting the person at that company are 100 times higher.

The lesson? There's so much being wasted out there! - @JebBrooks