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Put the Win Back in Your Sales - Book Review

Here at The Brooks Group, we believe the best thing a sales professional can do with free time is to invest it in professional development and education. Reading is a great way to do that. I recommend checking out Dan Kreutzer's new book "Put the Win Back in Your Sales."

Dan does a nice job of helping readers understand how -- and why -- people buy. The book introduces interesting research and Dan supports his arguments with insightful case studies. There's a lot of interesting, third-party support.

I particularly like Dan's encouragement to build trust. Sales is about building trust, not pitching product. Chapter One's subtitle is "From selling products to building trust." That line sums up the seismic shift that has occurred in sales over the last few decades.

I really enjoyed his brief history of sales.

  • The 50s and 60s were about "Product."
  • The 60s and 70s were about "Differentiation."
  • The 80s were about "Solutions and Bundling."
  • The 90s were about "Customer Centricity."

It's important to us here at The Brooks Group to elevate the sales profession, and Dan's also working toward that goal. His book focuses on why people buy so that sales professionals can help prospects and customers get what they want.

In short, it's a nice, quick read that helps sales professionals gain valuable insight into the minds of their prospects. Personal development is critical to salespeople and this book is a good one to check out.