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Prospecting Tool

The hardest part of selling is getting in front of a qualified prospect. The other day I had the chance to speak with Rally Marketing’s Co-Founder Mike Cannon about this problem and the solution he has developed. He introduced me to their very straightforward Sales 2.0 prospecting tool. The tool allows salespeople to identify qualified prospects via email.

Here’s how it works: Rally sends short emails, under a salesperson’s name, to prospects asking for help finding the right person to talk to. It’s an old technique, wrapped in blackberry-sized email messages. It's important to note that these emails are all Can-SPAM Compliant, by the way. By capitalizing on people’s innate desire to help, Mike and his team use quick emails to identify who, within an organization, is the right person to speak with regarding an offer. Their “simple and soft campaigns” are fully customizable and yield response rates of up to 6%. Rally Marketing is asking your prospects for a simple favor. By acknowledging their ability to help and asking for that help, Rally can learn a lot. They then analyze the responses to gather good information to pass along to you. Whether it's an out-of-office reply, a true response, or some other information, they're gathering prospecting data. With that said, Rally Marketing's offer is one approach. A truly strong prospecting effort requires a lot more than any one tool. The most effective salespeople are the ones who have many paths leading from qualified prospects to themselves. Consider this tool as one of those paths. Give it a try and let me know what you think. @JebBrooks