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Prospect offers a drink. What next?

Not everything in sales is as complicated as funnel management or sales forecasting. Let me present a familiar conundrum: You’re in a client’s office for a meeting and she asks if you’d like anything to drink. Do you accept? This ubiquitous situation presents salespeople everywhere with a dilemma:

  • If I accept, am I being too friendly? Greedy? Awkward?
  • If I say no, am I being rude? Arrogant? Awkward?

The answer depends on who's offering.

Are they direct? or Are they accommodating?

If you're with a direct person and you're not thirsty, it's probably okay to pass. If you're thirsty, take the offer. If you're with an accommodating person, there's a chance that the offer is being made because of their own thirst. Accept. Simple, I know. Of course, in either case, you should be polite.

  • “Yes, please. May I have a glass of water.”
  • “No, thank you. I’m fine.”

What about you? What do you do? How do you handle this quandary? -@JebBrooks