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The Portable Salesperson

On a phone call the other day, the question of the “portable salesperson” came up.

The question was this:

In today’s super-modern, fast-paced, nonstop world, how easily can a sales professional move from one complex sales environment to another?

The answer, I think, depends on how much the salesperson is willing to learn. How quickly he can consume (and retain) information. In a Sales 2.0 where prospects and customers often know as much or more than salespeople, buyers are really looking for experts.

So...could your average, talented “I-Can-Sell-Anything-Salesperson” sell…

  • Wine;
  • Airplanes;
  • ERP Systems;
  • Organic Food;
  • Book Contracts;
  • Commercial Presses; AND
  • Thoroughbred Horses?

No, the average salesperson could not.

However, the one with a thirst for knowledge could. That's the one who has a real passion for learning the things that matter to his craft, his customer, and his income. The only way to know? Assess your sales candidates.

The conversation, by the way, was with my good friend and expert copywriter Jeff Sexton. If you’re looking for good copy, go no further!