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Motivating Your Salespeople. It's Not All About The Money.

Perks-IncentivesWhile money is often the main motivator for sales professionals, there are other elements involved in motivating your salespeople as well. Not every sales manager understands these motivations, but if used properly they can take a salesperson's performance to the next level.

5 Strategies For Motivating Your Salespeople OTHER Than Money

Five other motivating factors for sales professionals are:

1. Recognition

Everyone loves being recognized for doing a great job, especially salespeople. This is why sales rep of the month and quarter awards exist. When salespeople get recognized and appreciated for selling, they are motivated to continue to sell because of the good feeling that this recognition brings. Make sure that you announce as often as possible which team members are leading in sales in order to reinforce their good work and motivate them to keep it up.

2. Competition

Many salespeople are fiercely competitive by their very nature, especially younger ones from the Millennial generation. Using contests and games can go a long way towards motivating your salespeople. However, these games must be set up the right way in order to foster maximum success.

Bob Marsh at Fast Company writes that games designed for motivating your salespeople should be simple and enjoyable to play, which will encourage buy-in. They also must actually facilitate the selling process. If your game is set up the right way, you don’t need an extravagant prize, because the competition itself becomes the motivation.

3. Teamwork

Although salespeople often work alone and with their own personal goals in mind, in some situations creating a team-based environment can work very well for motivating your salespeople. Small groups of salespeople within your larger sales team will help motivate and keep each other on track. The salesperson will want to do well so that their team performs better than the others.

4. Management

According to an infographic from the Hubspot blog, a whopping 70% of professional salespeople end up leaving their position because of a bad relationship with their manager. If you can foster a good relationship with your sales team, however, it can have the opposite effect: your team will want to do well because they understand that their success also means success for you. Creating a supportive, encouraging management style will help with motivating your salespeople because it will make them appreciate you as a manager, which drives them to perform for you.

5. Flexibility

One of the main benefits of working in sales is that it often gives people a greater degree of flexibility with regards to when they can take some personal time away from work. Salespeople value independence and autonomy inside and outside of work, and they appreciate a good work-life balance. Motivating your salespeople with more flexibility for personal time is a great way to encourage them to succeed.

Motivating salespeople is not always an exact science. The kind of motivation that your team requires will depend on the type of salespeople that work for your company and what their particular beliefs and values are. These five steps will give you a good place to start when thinking about factors besides money that can help drive your sales team to success.


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