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Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training and Development Conference

Next week I have the honor and privilege of presenting and moderating at the Device & Diagnostic Sales Training Conference in Phoenix. I will meet and learn from top sales performers in the Medical Device industry. The theme of the conference, “Maximizing Sales Force Effectiveness in the Device and Diagnostic Industry Through Optimization of Successful Training and Development Methodologies”, is one that has relevance and importance in many industries, not just the healthcare segment. Companies are faced with how to recruit and continue to develop the highest quality sales force in their industry. To help overcome this challenge, many companies have reorganized to build their own in-house sales force effectiveness team. While this is our core specialty at The Brooks Group, I am inviting comments from anyone who wishes to participate. I am curious about programs, priorities, application and results. What are you experiencing in sales team optimization? Some of the top device providers in the US will be in attendance, and I am excited to learn of (and share) their success stories and experiences.