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Love the Salesperson in You

In the best of times, selling effectively requires us to be optimistic, prepared, upbeat and all the other positives we know so well. I like to say “we must see ourselves in the best possible way.” In the worst of times, this mantra takes on even more significance.

With most news reports stressing the negative effects of everything, staying positively focused in the midst of the depressing onslaught becomes even more challenging! I am always amazed at how some salespeople remain undaunted in the face of negativity. I often thought it couldn’t be! I was wrong! I was a victim of my own mind — I bought into thinking everyone has negative thoughts, and reacted accordingly.

Yes, we all have negative thoughts. The difference is top salespeople don’t dwell on those thoughts. They:

  • Recognize them as negative thoughts, put them aside, and move on
  • Choose to focus on the positive
  • Stick to the task at hand – what they can control
  • Believe in themselves
  • Say nice, positive things to themselves; self talk is positive
  • Learn from experiences and think constructively
  • Are realistic
  • Don’t “set themselves up” with artificial limits in their thinking

Top performers maintain a healthy positive attitude. They welcome every experience as a new, unique opportunity to learn and grow and improve.

I’m still learning about the salesperson in me. How about you?

Submitted by:
Richard Dickerson