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Learn to Leverage the Small Sales

Salespeople love the big deal - who wouldn’t? We all crave the attention, ego stroking and the recognition we receive from our peers after the big sale.

The challenge of selling in this economy is that companies are more reluctant to commit to the big deal right now. We can all theorize why that is, but it is not helping us make sales and drive revenue now.

So what key skill set or strategy do salespeople need to utilize right now in order to drive sales? It is not a skill set but more of a philosophy. The answer is simple but effective:

Help buyers make small decisions and link them to making bigger ones.

The perceived emotional costs (PEC) that potential prospects will pay you for your products or services encompass more than just money. The PECs are things like time, energy, risk, reputation or admitting to prior mistakes, and can be deal breakers to a potential buyer. Making the ‘small sale’ that leads to ‘bigger sales’ relieves that fear of buying.

Salespeople need to understand just how significant the PEC is and make adjustments accordingly. Your ability as a salesperson and organization to deliver on your promises is the best way to leverage small business into bigger business.

Think small sales first!

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