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Jing: A Hugely Useful Free Piece of Technology

The other day I received an email from a business associate of mine. His company, Sequential Selling, is a reseller of many of our products and programs in Canada. He had just attended a seminar which highlighted recent research detailing the reasons for customer loyalty, as well as the percentages associated with each reason (by the way – 53% of study respondents said “ease of buying experience” is a primary factor in their decision to stay with a vendor).

At any rate, the cool thing about the email he sent me is that it had text content touching on some of the information he felt was important to share, as well as a link at the bottom which he referenced as his “jing” on the topic. At that point I had no idea what a “jing” was! The link took me to a screen capture program which allowed my colleague to “talk” me through some of the slides and graphs from the program he attended. In other words, Jing is a free open-source screen capture program that allows you to share information with someone via email. The recipient can then review your email, as well as your comments, at his or her convenience.

While the uses of this tool are many, here are a couple of ideas that come to mind:

  • Sharing visual and audio information with a client via email without having to schedule a conference call.
  • Sending information to a prospect with embedded audio which he or she may find useful and which will position you as a valuable resource
  • For use as an information delivery tool, especially if you’re in the information or consulting business

While I know that screen capture software is nothing new, I thought I’d share this particular program with you because this version is free up to a certain data amount.

To learn more about Jing, you should check it out at

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