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How to sell me something

I'm a pretty good prospect for lots of people. I control three budgets (marketing, R&D, and operations) in a privately-held company and I don't have all of the answers to the problems I face.  However, I'm terribly, terribly - at times unbelievably - busy. So, with that setup, why do people think a Cold Call will work? The chances of a cold caller catching me at a time when I’m able to pay attention to their offering is unlikely. Even if it’s something I could actually benefit from, I’m probably not going to be able (willing) to stop what I’m doing to focus on what they’re selling. Cold calls frustrate me, especially when the caller is selling something I really do need. If you’re going to provide so much benefit, PLEASE get my attention some way other than an interruption. Here are some ideas:

  • Find out where I am, and be there. I attend a lot of conferences. Perhaps you can connect with me there.
  • I’m awfully easy to find on social media networks. Let’s tweet, link, or somehow meetup.
  • You've probably noticed that I like to blog. Perhaps you could comment.

I'm not alone; there are a lot of “Crazy-Busy” prospects (as Jill Konrath calls them) out there just like me. You can probably connect with them in similar ways. The key to connecting with prospects like me  is to meet them where they are in a way that doesn’t interrupt them. If you can do that… …you’re doing a lot of good as a salesperson. For the sake of my time, your time, and all time, stop the interruption-selling! @JebBrooks