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How To Never Work A Day In Your Life

Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life." Even though he died a couple of thousand years ago, most people still haven't figured out how to follow his advice.

Why? Well mostly because people find themselves on a career path for one reason or another and they stick with it because it's easier than changing what they're doing. People have to pay bills, after all. Right?

But there are a few lucky souls out there who somehow find passion at work.

If you're a High IMPACT salesperson, sales manager, or sales leader. You'd better love what you do. It's too demanding not to.

Think of a friend, coworker, or a neighbor who genuinely enjoys work. What's different about the job? What's different about your friend?

Simply put, the person you're thinking about has aligned her natural abilities with the requirements of the job she's doing. In other words, she's playing to her strengths.

The key to never working a day in your life is to (1) discover your natural abilities and (2) find a job that requires them. Here's a start...

  • How do I like to behave (for example, am I an introvert or an extravert)?
  • What motivates me (maybe it's money, helping others, or something else)?
  • Then ask, what kinds of jobs would reward me

Are you doing a job or do you living a passion?