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How to Change Your Sales Culture

Do You Want to Train Your Sales Staff or Change Your Sales Staff?

We are all too familiar with the scenario of a sales team investing in sales training and after a few weeks of being back in the field, they fall back into their old routines and their management team is unhappy because they experienced no immediate change in sales results.

Why does this happen? Despite good intentions to implement new skills, the hectic pace of real-world, everyday selling often forces salespeople back into the ‘comfort zone’ of their old sales habits and techniques. Simply put, they take the path of least resistance to get the job done.

The reality is that it takes more than a Facilitator’s Guide, a charismatic presentation and a few role-play exercises for a training provider to achieve true changes in sales performance. An effective ‘sales changing’ program (versus a ‘sales training’ program) requires three things:

  • A strong sales management team that embraces the need for change.
  • Sales managers that are outstanding ‘coaches’ who will get out in the field, observe their sales staff and offer their expertise and guidance.
  • An accountability tool (or scorecard) in place so the entire team knows where they are now, where they’re headed and where to course-correct if they get off track.

Jim Tunney, a retired NFL referee and current motivational speaker said, “If employees don’t understand their company’s goals and its game plan, these goals won’t be achieved. Football doesn’t make this mistake. Its goals are always clearly defined. At the end of the field is a goal line. Why do they call it a goal line? Because 11 people on the offensive team huddle for a single purpose—to move the ball across it.”

“Where are the coaches on game day?”
They’re on the field coaching their players – not in the office handling paperwork, waiting to hear the outcome of the game!

The key to an effective ‘sales changing’ program begins with your sales management team. Then, partner with a sales training provider that fits the culture of your organization and communicate the specific, measurable results you want to achieve. A good sales training provider will embrace the accountability and be energized by the opportunity to do it right. I guarantee you’ll see new, productive habits among your sales staff, along with the results you expect from your investment.