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How Can B2B Sales Teams Benefit from LinkedIn

As you might now, this is our 35th year in the Customized Sales Training business. In honor of this milestone, we're hosting a series of 35 minute webinars for Sales Leaders. Our next one will highlight a new friend of ours here at The Brooks Group, Kurt Shaver. We recently met Kurt (Founder and President of The Sales Foundry) and were impressed with his immense knowledge of LinkedIn. His expertise is focused on how B2B Sales Teams can benefit from Social Media. We like Kurt because of his focus on providing actionable tips and delivering real, tangible benefits for you and your team. We thought you would enjoy hearing from him, too. So, join me this Thursday (June 14, 2012) at 12:55 p.m. EDT as I interview Kurt to learn Five Useful Tips that will help Sales Leaders get more out of LinkedIn for their teams. For more information about this 35 minute webinar, head over here! Can't wait to hear from you! - @JebBrooks