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Guaranteeing You Have Top Performers On Board: The 3 Best Interview Questions To Ask Sales Candidates

Sales Interview Questions

Identifying, interviewing and hiring the right salespeople is one of the most difficult elements of a sales manager’s job.

One of the easiest ways to separate the poor sales performers from the good ones is to ask the right questions during their initial interview. Solid, proven interview questions to ask sales candidates will help you understand what kind of person they are and how well they will fit into your company’s culture.

Asking these three questions will help you be certain that you only hire top performers.

The 3 Best Interview Questions To Ask Sales Candidates

1. What Motivates You Professionally?

Sales is a field that requires people to be very motivated to achieve their goals. The best candidates for a sales job are the ones who can find this motivation inside themselves and use it to attain a higher level of success.

When you ask your interview candidates what motivates them, you get an inside glimpse into whether or not they are self-starters. This is one of the most important interview questions to ask sales candidates because of the nature of inner beliefs and motivations.

While most people can be taught behaviors and skills that are needed to succeed in sales, it is much more difficult to teach someone to have the motivation and personal values that it takes to be successful.

2. What Skills Make You A Good Salesperson?

Two successful salespeople can have very different styles because there are several different traits that make a good salesperson. Asking your candidates this question will help you see which traits, if any, they possess. This gives you a better idea about what kind of salesperson they will be and whether or not their selling style will fit in with your office.

Alison Doyle at writes that ideal answers for this question include having ambition, focusing on the details, and being patient.

Questions relating to skills are some of the best interview questions to ask sales candidates because you can see whether or not their abilities are congruent with what is required for success at your office.

3. What Professional Goals Do You Have?

The type of goals that your job candidates have is very important, because sales is a field where setting targets and meeting them is a way of life. When you ask this question of your candidates, look for a response that involves attainable success that can be tracked.

Also be sure to follow up this question by asking how they plan to determine whether or not they have met their goals; this gives you good insight into how they will hold themselves accountable for performance.

There are many different interview questions to ask sales candidates to help you understand whether or not they will be successful with your company.

A sales interview should be focused on learning about the type of person that a candidate is, not what kind of skills they have or what they have done in the past. These three interview questions to ask sales candidates will help you determine whether your interview candidates have what it takes to become rainmakers at your organization.


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