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The Grass is Greener (or is it?)

Tomorrow, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. It's a day for each of us to be grateful for how fortunate we are. However, we've all heard the cliche that . . .

"The Grass is Greener on the Other Side of the Fence"

And sure, we've probably even fallen victim to the idea at one time or another...

  • We think our manager is no good, so surely another one will be better.
  • We think our quota is too high, so if we were someplace else, it would be more manageable.
  • We think our product offering is weak, so there must be a better one out there.
  • We think our marketing team is lazy, so there's got to be a better marketing engine out there.
  • We think we don't get enough sales training, so somebody must offer more of it.
  • We think our leads are terrible, so there have to be better leads somewhere else.
  • We think our customers are too demanding, so there must be some who are easier to deal with at another company.
  • We think our sales team is obnoxious, so there must be a better one someplace.

You get the point.

The truth is that the best sales (and sales management) superstars don't get bogged down by "Greener Grass Thinking." They know that kind of mindset is wasteful and distracting. It prevents top performance.

Instead, they focus on making the best of whatever they're facing.

So, with that said, I'm thankful for each of you because you give me the chance to live my passion! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

- @JebBrooks