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Defeat the Summer Slump

There's a French proverb that says, "He who makes excuses, accuses himself."

It's the middle of August. People don't buy things in August. It's too hot, they're not at the office, and so salespeople don't have to work.

Yup, it's just about time to kick off that venerable annual tradition: The Summer Sales Slump. The choice is yours: You can either make the excuse and say that people don't buy things in the summer. Or you can use the time more effectively than your competitors. I prefer the second option. Your time is probably more valuable than you think (even during the summer slump.) Here are 14 ways to invest the time:

  1. Attend a conference and implement three ideas you learn.
  2. Meet with top performers in your company to understand what they do well and follow their example.
  3. Pick the brains of company executives to learn about strategy and adjust your sales efforts accordingly.
  4. Arrange informal meetings with your customers to learn why they buy, what else they’ll buy, and what you can do better.
  5. Look for acres of diamonds among old leads, lost opportunities, or long-gone customers.
  6. Attend a sales training course and integrate what you see into your work.
  7. Create a personal marketing campaign.
  8. Commit to reading a new sales book (or three). Put the ideas into action.
  9. Research your competition.
  10. Write an article about how your customers can get value from your offering.
  11. Start a blog for your customers.
  12. Take better advantage of social media for sales.
  13. Make your sales presentation more effective.
  14. Write some new sales questions to gain information from prospects. Use them.

The most critical element for sales success is, without a doubt, personal accountability. That's a willingness to accept responsibility (and credit) for your own actions. So, remain personally accountable and defeat the summer sales slump! @JebBrooks