"Coach" Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks"Coach" Bill Brooks February 6, 1945 - October 27, 2007 We deeply mourn the recent passing of our founder, "Coach" Bill Brooks, but his legacy - his brilliance, his ideas and his energy - will live on here at The Brooks Group. Bill had been battling cancer with characteristic tenacity for the last 18 months. Although he was determined to beat the cancer and get back to the work he loved, Bill took steps during those 18 months to install a sound management structure to ensure The Brooks Group would thrive with or without his exceptional leadership. Through Bill's illness The Brooks Group has proved vibrant and successful, perhaps more so than ever. 2006 was a record-shattering year for sales and to ice the cake; Selling Power Magazine honored The Brooks Group as "Sales Consulting Organization of the Year." In his typical fashion, Bill joked, "Who would have guessed all these years I was the one holding this business back; I just needed to get out of the way and let you guys run with it!" And run with it we will. The best tribute those of us at The Brooks Group can pay to our founder is to continue helping our clients build strong, profitable sales teams using the ideas, methods and systems that he so passionately worked to develop throughout his life. It won't be quite the same without his thunderous laughter, but we will carry on in his unconquerable spirit.

Published on November 01, 2007

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