Last week on a discussion board, there was a considerable thread about “closing techniques”. Various “sales experts” got on and started dialog about The Ben Franklin Close, the silent close (down to the clicking your pen before you slide it over the table) and other closes.

I thought to myself, man what do these guys sell and what kind of relationships do they have with their customers, that they have to try and manipulate their prospects with tactics?

I always knew IMPACT Selling™ was an outstanding selling system but seeing the way these guys treat their prospects and clients was just another example of why IMPACT works.

It works because it is not about us as the sales person, it is all about our customer and solving their problem.

Closing is easy, but only when you do everything else right. Closing is not a destination, it is the beginning of referrals, continuous business, long term partnerships and that can be said with almost anything you sell.

Why downgrade your position with cheesy closes and lines and tactics? Just follow a process, and most important keep the focus on your customer’s needs, wants and make the value of buying from you so superior that when it comes to the end of the presentation or recommendation that your prospect will ask you how to get started. Remember, people would always rather buy something than be sold something.

Published on July 29, 2009

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