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Can You Spot the Major Selling Lesson in This Image? - Part 2

Thank you to the people who responded to the question above. All great insights. Congratulations to the winner, Rick Thomas! We will be sending you a copy of “How To Sell At Margins Higher Than Your Competitors,” by Bill Brooks & Larry Steinmetz. The image above is a very simple representation of the timeless sales truth that buyers – when they are able to see the true value of a product or service to themselves or their organization – will pay full price or fee (within reason, of course). And if they don’t have the budget, it’s been my experience that they will work as hard as they need to in order to find the money. As simple as the image above is, I think it serves as a fun reminder that the more value sales professionals create in the mind of their prospects or customers, the less the chance of price becoming an issue will be. One of the comments below by CL Meyer comes directly from a concept we teach in our High IMPACT Selling® Sales Training courses: The Value Formula. The Value Formula simply states: Value is created when the perceived benefits outweigh the perceived price or emotional cost of committing to your product or service. The key for you and your sales team is always to remember this: the value we believe our products or services bring is meaningless within the sales interaction. Until we can uncover the needs (and more importantly the wants) of the buyer, we simply cannot build the value that is so essential to avoiding price objections. Always remember this: in the absence of value, all sales interactions will degenerate into an issue of price. Good selling!