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Brooks on Books: Bust Your Sales Slump

Paul McCord, of, has just completed a book called "Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days." He sent me an advance copy last week and it's great. He said the book, "hasn't got a single new or revolutionary idea in it -- just 12 proven strategies to help sellers, business owners, and service professionals who are hurting for business to generate business NOW." And the suggestions are spot-on. He's got some practical advice for driving business. And every idea ends with a story of someone who actually implemented it...and grew their business as a result. How many of us have forgotten about the opportunities a contest might offer? Or the acres of diamonds in "dead" accounts? Paul reminds us of their potential in this book (and another 10 slump-busting ideas). If your copy ends up like mine, it'll be dog-eared and highlighted. Meanwhile, you'll walk away with new enthusiasm for old ideas. @JebBrooks