B2B Sales vs Retail Sales

Over 1 million people have viewed this video to date and it is a shame 1 billion people have not. I have always found it interesting that retail businesses have had the ability to establish price and for the most part that price is non-negotiable.

Why is it that in B2B sales everything appears to have some level of negotiation? However, in our roles as consumers for items such as office supplies, food, gasoline and a host of other items; we seldom think twice about paying the listed price.

It is amazing to me how many sales people ask the question “Where do I need to be to make this deal happen?” That is just setting up a price war, and no one wins at price wars. This only perpetuates the situation and conditions our buyers to thinking price is negotiable.

Learning to present price and negotiate can go a long way in reducing the amount of push back you receive when it comes to price. Always remember that when you lower your price without getting something in return, you are not gaining business, you are losing profit margin.

Published on August 26, 2009

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