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Almost Half of All Emails Read on Mobile Devices

Returnpath, a major leader when it comes to email delivery, announced the results of its global bi-annual email research project. They discovered that two out of every five emails are read on a mobile device. With this data, it becomes even more important to use care when sending prospecting emails. Keep in mind that, even though smart phone screens are getting bigger, they're still small. Almost exactly one year ago, we wrote a blog post that had four rules for email prospecting. With today's announcement from Returnpath, the rules still ring true. So, here they are:

  1. Keep it short: It can't be longer than a smart phone screen.
  2. It better be tailored: If you're sending generic emails, you're less likely to hear back.
  3. It often takes more than one: Count on sending three, four, or more before earning a response.
  4. Get permission: If you're just sending emails without permission, it's probably spam.

For more on the Returnpath research, click here. And, if you'd like to see the rest of our post about email prospecting from last January, click here. - @JebBrooks