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The 5 Steps of Selling Bikes

In my spare time, I enjoy hopping on my mountain bike and hitting the trails around my hometown of Greensboro, NC, USA. The other day, I noticed some problems with my bike so I took it in for a tune-up. When I went back to pick it up, I noticed “The 5 Steps of Selling” glued to a clipboard by the cash register. I though you might be intrigued with a bike shop’s approach to customized sales training.

Selling Bikes

The 5 Steps of Selling

1. Approach: Recognize and greet the customer sincerely and immediately. Smile!! Start a conversation. Show interest in the customer. 2. Qualify: Ask questions to determine the customer's needs and/or wants. 3. Match: Suggest the product whose features and benefits best match the customer's needs. Give the customer a choice. 4. Answer Questions: Competence with product knowledge provides confidence in dealing with customer questions and objections. 5. Close / Add-ons: Support the customer's decision. Ask for the sale. Make the Customer feel confident about the purchase and suggest additional items relating to the sale. "SELL THE SPORT" Don't Forget "CUSTOMER CARE ROUTINES" HAVE FUN! I regret to share with you that, despite the simple process outlined above, the "bike consultant" failed to follow the 5 Steps of Selling. Why? Well, probably because the sales training message isn't reinforced beyond an old, torn piece of paper glued to a clipboard. What do you think? - @JebBrooks