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The 12 Universal Sales Management Truths


So... I wish I could claim this one, but I can't.  The 12 Universal Sales Management Truths were developed by the late Bill Brooks, founder of our company and my father. He was a student of his craft and distilled his experience of the way the most successful sales coaches grew top-performing sales teams... and developed the 12 Universal Sales Management Truths. For the record, it's not a great idea to use someone else's content... however, something tells me that Bill wouldn't really mind if I used it and shared it with you!

The 12 Universal Sales Management Truths

Thanks to the volume of information available to B2B buyers, the world of sales will never be the same again. The landscape has changed forever. Consequently, sales leaders need solid, proven principles that can guide them going forward. These principles need to be consistent for both sales management and salespeople and they must be easily and consistently applied both by and across the entire enterprise. Given these realities, let’s begin by taking a look at the 12 Universal Sales Management Truths. These sales management truths will prove to be effective for any sales organization anywhere because they are exactly what we are calling them – Universal Truths. Here they are: Sales Management Truth #1A sales organization will never be any stronger than the salespeople who are recruited, selected and hired to be a part of it. Sales Management Truth #2: Invest your time where it counts: with the best performing salespeople and with those who hold the greatest potential for superior performance. Sales Management Truth #3: A sales organization cannot be led from behind a desk. Sales Management Truth #4: The best sales executives and sales managers are the most skilled at judging talent and placing the right people in the right place. Sales Management Truth #5: You can’t lead where you won’t go any more than you are able to teach the things you don’t know. Sales Management Truth #6: Salespeople must be hired with caution, launched with clarity, and the underperforming ones replaced with dispatch. Sales Management Truth #7: Pay plans are essential to sales performance and should, ultimately, determine how much of what gets sold. Sales Management Truth #8: Turnover in a sales force is normal and to be expected.  Zero turnover is bad, but too high a turnover is even worse. Sales Management Truth #9: Sales executives must never allow digital solutions to dominate a sales force’s life, stifle creativity or curtail proactivity. Sales Management Truth #10: You cannot motivate salespeople; you can only create an environment that rewards the things they are most motivated by in the first place. Sales Management Truth #11: No salesperson will ever reach any meaningful level of performance if expectations are not clearly established, communicated and verified for their acceptance and total understanding. Sales Management Truth #12: It’s performance that counts… but it’s accountability that really pays. While you clearly can't run a sales team based solely on the 12 Universal Sales Management Truths, you can use them to guide your decision-making. If you're in a sales management role, print these off and reference them. In a senior sales leadership role? Print them off, take them to your next internal senior exec meeting and get real about what you're doing inside your sales organization. Interested in learning how these truths are applied in real-time? Check out our Sales Management Symposium by clicking here.

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