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10 Ways Sales Managers Fail

If there’s one thing we’ve got here, it’s a lot of content. That’s how we’re able to bring ongoing value to our clients year-after-year. The other day, I was looking through some whitepapers we put together about five years ago and came across this list of 10 ways sales managers fail. Is this still relevant in today’s new marketplace?

  1. Unilaterally raising quotas on star performers…or making quotas impossible for marginal performers to achieve
  2. Having pay plans that are confusing or designed to reduce a salesperson’s income from its current level without astronomical growth
  3. Failing to provide organized sales skills training regardless of a salesperson’s experience
  4. Relying on “end-process assessment” rather than “in-process measurement” when evaluating salespeople
  5. Not allowing salespeople to finalize transactions
  6. Lacking a sales platform and subsequently not coaching salespeople in the system
  7. Spending too much time with sub-par performers
  8. Selling and not managing or managing without selling
  9. Not providing adequate training for new product/service releases
  10. Not allowing for individual differences within teams

Let me know what you think… @JebBrooks