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“Closer” vs. “Consultant”

Having sold for many years (some say since the earth cooled!), I’ve always been concerned about the word “close.” While I understand its use, meaning and intent, it still bothers me. It seems so final! And often times a prospect is “closed,” not the sale. The perception of selling and salespeople varies too often between distasteful and despicable. So why use a word that reinforces those negative perceptions? “Close” means done, end, finished. To some it means “put away,” out of sight, inaccessible. Are those the perceptions we as salespeople want to create? Of course not. But our words embellish our thoughts, actions and mannerisms. Our actions manifest our words and how we’re seen. Want to be seen as a “closer” (finished) or as an advisor (present)? What if we simply say (and see ourselves) as completing the final step in the selling process of asking for commitment ; becoming a trusted advisor who creates a positive perception. We built trust, we didn’t “close”. We’re not done, we’re beginning a partnership. Think about it. “Closer” or “Consultant?” Who would you trust?