Stand Up to Price Pressure

How to Sell Against Lower-Priced Competition Public Workshop

In 2 days your salespeople will learn the sales skills needed to differentiate you from the competition and sell MORE at premium prices.

In this engaging and interactive 2-day course, your sales team will learn what’s at risk when they enter a bidding war, and exactly how to hold their ground when they hear, “Your price is too high.” Salespeople will discover how to create a competitive advantage—other than price—and build value that prospects can’t turn down.

Who Should Attend?

Sales leaders and individual contributors looking to sell value and overcome commoditization in an overcrowded marketplace.


Why Attend?

Protect and Increase Your Margin

Learn 6 easy negotiation tactics to hold firm against price-obsessed buyers

Outsell Lower-Priced Competitors

Turn a higher selling price into a profit-making opportunity

Capitalize on Your Competitive Advantage

Identify competitors’ weaknesses and turn them into your team’s advantage

Avoid Price Objections Completely

Identify value-driven buyers and overcome habits that invite price cutting

What’s Included?

  • 2 days of practical, easy to implement strategies presented by one of our expert sales effectiveness trainers
  • Personal assessment and selling skills analysis to help reps recognize their own strengths and blind spots—and effectively communicate with different buying styles
  • The How to Sell Against Lower-Priced Competition workbook
  • How to Sell at Margins Higher than Your Competitors, the best-selling book co-authored by the late Bill Brooks
  • Personalized coaching and development plans and follow-up consulting with one of our expert sales strategists

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How to Sell Against Lower-Priced Competition Workshop Agenda

Day 1 (8:00am–5:00pm)


Module 1

The Numbers Don't Lie: Financial Implications of Price-Cutting

Module 2

Three Keys to Selling Value vs. Price

Uncovering Your Personal Selling Style

(Sales Assessment Results)

Day 2 (8:30am–5:00pm)

Module 3

Understanding Customer Negotiation – Buyer Tactics

Module 4

Facing and Defeating Price-Cutting Attempts

Module 5

Breaking Bad Habits


Give your salespeople the skills needed to sell on value and demand premium price.

"We constantly preach the importance of margins as we have far greater potential to positively influence that outcome, than gross sales revenue itself. A few points on the top line translate to huge gains on the bottom line. The Brooks Group’s insight to help us get there have made a huge difference."

- James MacDonald

President, R.F. MacDonald Co.

Our Guarantee

We’ve helped thousands of salespeople around the world improve their negotiation and value selling skills so they can stand out in a sea of competition. If you’re not fully convinced your investment is valuable once you (or your team members) arrive at the workshop, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.


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