Sustainable Training and True Sales Culture Shift 

Activate Your Most Effective Sales Culture by
Overcoming Your Real Sales Challenges

The first step in getting a struggling sales team back on their feet is identifying and directing attention towards your real sales challenges. You’ll see an immediate lift as new behaviors are introduced with initial training—but you’ll also be building a foundation for a lasting cultural transformation. 

Expect to see measurable results within the first few months of training deployment as sales reps adopt best practices and coaching and reinforcement programs start to gain traction. This initial engagement period is the first step in activating your organization’s most effective sales culture. 

Cement Changes into Place with an Extended Commitment to Transformation

85% of our clients re-engage with us—not just because of positive results, but because we provide the services to make those positive changes permanent: 

  • Sales management training
  • Hiring & talent assessments
  • Ongoing coaching and reinforcement.

Permanent sales culture shift happens when the people, processes, and technologies within your organization are in alignment. That type of change means focusing not only on the immediate challenges at hand, but on long-term corporate goals and strategies as well. 


Hardwiring Sales Excellence Requires Both Immediate and Long-Term Strategies

The Brooks Group will collaborate with your organization to develop a timeline for achieving a sustainable culture shift. That strategy begins with making sure the right people are in the right roles, using best sales practices with the right people. The plan should incorporate IT infrastructure that enables your salesforce (rather than distracting them), and it requires executive sponsorship and commitment from sales managers to coach and reinforce the new processes and behaviors. 

Typical Sustainability Plan 

Typical Sustainability Plan

The Brooks Group offers a number of follow-up and reinforcement programs to ensure that new skills are being applied consistently and effectively in the field, including:


Q MINDshare

An application designed to deliver reinforcement tips and quizzes at customizable intervals. Q extends reinforcement of IMPACT training with a gamification component on an easily accessible platform. 


IMPACT® Coaching System

A 9 session reinforcement program completed by participants of IMPACT Sales Training that revisits key concepts and allows opportunities for sales reps to apply new skills in the field. The program encourages knowledge retention and process adoption. 




An application that allows IMPACT Selling to be integrated into an organization’s CRM in order to track leads according to the IMPACT sales process. Daily interaction acts as an added form of reinforcement and adoption of “the new normal.”


Smart Coach

A comprehensive solution that combines a software to measure and identify coaching interactions between sales reps and their managers, and coaching consultations to ensure that sales managers are executing the right high-gain activities with a regular cadence.


Coach the Coach 

An 8 session reinforcement program completed by participants of IMPACT Sales Management Training that provides opportunities to practice the coaching concepts that were learned in the program. Sessions are led by coaching specialists from The Brooks Group. 


Selling Against Lower Priced Competition

A 2 day workshop that teaches sales reps to overcome price objections and actually use higher price as a competitive advantage. 6 specific tactics allow sellers to hold their price and close the sale on their terms.  

The Brooks Group is ready to partner with you for the journey to training permanence and real sales culture shift. Rapidly lift your sales team’s performance with training that gets to the root of your real challenges while you lay the groundwork for permanent transformation and your most effective sales culture. 

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