Sales Coaching Requires a Unified Sales Process

Give Your Sales Managers a Customized Coaching Manual

The best sales management training in the world won’t get you results if your sales managers and your reps aren’t speaking the same language. With a standardized process, communication is streamlined and managers can focus their attention on the activities that impact sales the most.  


Sales managers should spend less time determining the status of an opportunity, and more time coaching their reps towards closing the deal.

The Impact Selling System



Positioning, prospecting, pre-call planning, promoting, and attracting.



Engaging your prospect, building trust and rapport.



Asking the right questions so you can uncover exactly what your prospect will buy, when they’ll buy and under what conditions they’ll buy.



Recommending the best, most targeted solution to address your prospect’s greatest need or want.



Allowing your prospects to experience the truth of your claims and offering third-party corroboration.



Finalizing the transaction, asking for the order, cementing and reinforcing the sale.
Throughout our sales training courses, you will work with one of The Brooks Group’s IMPACT certified professional trainers—expert salespeople and facilitators who teach and lead from successful experience

IMPACT Provides a Roadmap for Selling and for Coaching

The beauty of IMPACT Selling® is that it’s simple enough to apply and remember, while being sophisticated enough to guide salespeople through high-level business interactions. It also provides a baseline for coaching, breaking the sales process down into easily identifiable stages.

Conversations around opportunities become clear and concise, and the added efficiency gives coaching interactions a rhythm that sales reps come to know and expect.

Sales Coaching Done in Real Time 

Effective sales managers should be managing less and coaching more. Without a unified sales process in place sales managers end up tracking the activities around the sale rather than focusing on the sale itself.

Knowing where an opportunity stands at any given moment allows sales managers to course correct—improving a salesperson’s performance while the sale is in route, rather than afterwards, when it’s too late.

Realtime Coaching

Align your team with a common process to get your sales managers delivering targeted coaching with the greatest impact.