Deep Motivation and Values

Look Beneath the Surface Before You Hire

Most of the time, people are hired based on their work experience and job skills. While that information can reveal what a candidate is capable of doing, understanding their motivators and attitudes will show you how driven they’ll be to do the work a position requires day in and day out.

Motivators are at the core of who a person is—driving their behavior and influencing their values and beliefs. If you know what really gets a person out of bed in the morning, you can make sure their work environment fulfills those drivers, and increase their likelihood for high performance in your organization.

TriMetrix Measures the WHY Behind a Person’s Behaviors

Core motivators are one aspect of a person that the TriMetrix measures, along with behavior style, acumen, and selling skills (if you’re filling a sales position).

The system measures 6 driving forces that motivate and engage a person in work and in life.


Measures the motivation to learn and acquire knowledge. A candidate that scores high in this area will be naturally curious, have a broad interest in learning, and will be driven to learn about unfamiliar subject matter.


Also known as the economic drive, this area measures a person’s drive for achieving a return on their investment in time, energy, or resources. In general, a higher drive indicates that a candidate will be more motivated by a variable income.


Measures the motivation for achieving harmony and balance and the appreciation for form and design.


Also known as the altruistic drive, this measures a person’s motivation to give themselves in service of others. A higher drive may mean a candidate will be interested in mentoring opportunities, but may also have a hard time setting boundaries and saying no.


Measures the drive for power, control, and influence. A high score in this area means a person will be motivated in a position in which they are in control and can move about freely


Also known as the regulatory drive, this area measures a candidate’s motivation to follow a code of conduct.

Every position will require a unique blend of driving motivators depending on the company culture, specific accountabilities, and selling environment.

Ensure high performance by hiring people who are rewarded every day by the work their position requires from them. With TriMetrix, you can determine exactly what you’re looking for with a position benchmark, and let the system find the perfect match. 

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