The TriMetrix® Sales Assessment Test

The Missing Piece In the Hiring Puzzle 

The TriMetrix Sales Assessment Stops Sales Turnover and Dramatically Improves Hiring Success Rates

Unfortunately, a solid resume with a track record of sales success is no guarantee that a candidate will succeed for you, in your unique sales environment.

TriMetrix takes the uncertainty out of hiring by determining the specific attributes your sales position requires for success and then allowing you to objectively compare your sales candidates against that criteria. 

Once you have that kind of visibility, you’ll know which of your sales candidates have the skills, values, motivations, and temperament to succeed.

Look Beneath the Surface Before Hiring Salespeople 

Most of the time, people are hired based on their work experience and job skills. But when someone is fired (or when it just doesn’t work out) it’s almost always because of personal skills. Personal skills are closely related to a person’s attitude. They’re sometimes referred to as a person’s “true colors” – qualities that surface when the going gets tough. 

It’s a frustrating paradox of traditional hiring methods – personal skills make or break a new hire’s chances of success, but they’re frequently overlooked in the hiring process.

Adding TriMetrix to Your Hiring Process Allows You to: 


  • Avoid the typical interview façade to find out who your candidate will be when the new job “honeymoon” is over
  • Predict with great certainty – whether or not the candidate is going to be able to fit into your company’s culture, connect the dots, and finally make it happen
  • Discover what kind of salesperson each candidate will be
  • Minimize turnover by finding out who “fits” the job before hiring salespeople

Trusted by Thousands of Clients

“We had strong indications that this was a candidate that we were interested in and our Consultant was able to touch on some things that we would have never uncovered. We actually found the candidate to be even stronger than we had anticipated!

Some of the feedback was incredibly accurate in light of some things that we had learned about the candidate in interviews but were not known to our Consultant. Particularly, a score that indicated that he was undergoing substantial turmoil in job security. He had been given notice that his company was sold and his position eliminated.

Deadly accurate!”

—Jerry R., Sales Manager

“The TriMetrix has been a fantastic addition to our talent management toolkit. It has helped us identify, hire, and retain salespeople and sales managers that are a much better fit for our culture. The cool thing about TriMetrix is that it’s not just a hiring tool. It also provides us with powerful info that helps our managers coach and mentor reps by providing insights into how to use the motivators, personal skills, and behaviors the reps bring to the job to help them be more successful.”

—Marty Tanner, Director of Sales Training, HCR Manor Care

Review a Sample Report

Assessments That Can Be Integrated Far Past the Hiring Period

The TriMetrix® assessment system is an invaluable tool during the hiring process, and proves to be equally as valuable as a coaching tool down the road. With each assessment comes a complete coaching report that tells you everything you need to know to effectively interact with your new hire or long time employee:

  • Checklists for Communicating
  • Ideal Work Environment Factors
  • Potential Behavioral and Motivational Conflict
  • Keys to Managing and Motivating
  • And More! 

Talk with one of our sales assessment experts today to learn how TriMetrix® can help you hire the right salesperson, coach your team successfully, and retain the talent that you already have!