Sales Culture Insights

The Sales Culture Insights customized survey is a powerful tool that provides deep insights into the current state of your sales organization.

Sales Performance, Productivity, and Enablement Start at the People Level

This anonymous survey uncovers perceptions around sales issues, sales management effectiveness, cross-department coordination, sales culture, sales performance metrics, and other critical areas -- allowing you to gain a true understanding of the current “pulse” of your sales organization.


Assessthe level of alignment across the entire organization


Determineyour team’s existing best practices and identify critical developmental areas


Learnhow your organization’s current practices impact overall sales effectiveness


Createa cohesive selling approach that drives lasting revenue growth by addressing gaps between leadership and the sales team

How the Process Works

Step 1

Select Your TeamSelect a team of stakeholders to work with The Brooks Group to implement the Sales Culture Insights survey

Step 2

Inform Your TeamIdentify your organization’s survey respondents, and communicate the purpose and value of their participation

Step 3

AssessComplete the Sales Culture Insights survey

Step 4

Debrief The ResultsReview your Sales Culture Insights report and recommendations with a consultant from The Brooks Group

What Insight Will I Gain?

Receive valuable insights around the following areas:

  • Talent
  • Orientation and Training
  • Establishing Expectations
  • Feedback and Coaching
  • Compensation
  • Market and Innovation
  • Sales Process
  • Metrics and Accountability
  • Sales Culture
  • Business Planning and Strategy

Contact a sales representative from The Brooks Group today to learn more about optimizing the dynamics of your sales team.