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The Brooks Talent Index Sales Hiring Assessment Stops Sales Turnover and Dramatically Improves Hiring Success Rates

  • Use the assessment results for:
  • Selection – Determine which candidate is most likely to succeed in your organization
  • Onboarding - Bring new hires up to maximum performance levels quickly
  • Coaching - Manage and coach salespeople in a way that gets results

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Brooks Talent Index combines four scientifically validated reports into one easy to use system.

Identify Behavior Style

Identify Behavior Style

Brooks Talent Index uses the popular DISC model to measure HOW a person behaves both naturally, and when adapting for work.

Get insight into how a person:

  • Responds to problems and challenges
  • Influences others on their point of view
  • Responds to the pace of the environment
  • Responds to rules and procedures set by others
Uncover Motivators

Uncover Motivators

This report reveals WHY people do the things they do. Understanding what drives a person to action reveals whether they are a good fit for the position.

Identify how motivated an individual is in the following areas:

  • Theoretical – desire to learn new information
  • Utilitarian - desire to gain return on investment of time (money drive)
  • Aesthetic – desire to achieve form and harmony in life
  • Social – desire to help others
  • Individualistic – desire to influence others
  • Traditional – desire to pursue the higher meaning in life
Reveal Personal Skills

Reveal Personal Skills

The Personal Skills Inventory reveals the critical thinking skills an individual has at their disposal.

The results show how a person will approach work and make decisions, what they pay attention to, and the strengths and biases they bring to decision making.

Identify Selling Skills

Identify Selling Skills

The Sales Skills Index analyzes an individual’s understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any sales environment.

The report is used to determine strength and gap areas and can be used as a coaching guide.

The Brooks Talent Index has been a fantastic addition to our talent management toolkit. It has helped us identify, hire, and retain salespeople and sales managers that are a much better fit for our culture. The cool thing about Brooks Talent Index is that it’s not just a hiring tool. It also provides us with powerful info that helps our managers coach and mentor reps by providing insights into how to use the motivators, personal skills, and behaviors the reps bring to the job to help them be more successful.

- Marty Tanner

Director of Sales, HCR ManorCare

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