Channel Sales Training

Deliver an OEM-Sponsored Channel Sales Training program to provide the Dealer with what they want – sales growth – in a way that helps you achieve your goals as well.

When you rely on channel partners to sell your product, it can feel as though sales performance is out of your control. The fact is, original equipment manufacturers can directly influence the performance of their dealers, and it can be done in a way that benefits both the supplier and the resellers involved.

Bridge the Gap between OEM and Distributor with a Customized Channel Sales Training Solution

• The Brooks Group has nearly 40 years of experience working with OEMs to optimize their go-to-market strategy. Through that time, we’ve gained an in-depth knowledge on channel management and discovered that an effective channel sales training program must be customized with both manufacturer and dealer input..

Manufacturer Input

Because you know your product and its strategic benefits

Key Channel Partner Input

Because customizing a program based on a dealer’s unique sales environment creates credibility and buy-in

A customized program overcomes the challenge of influencing and improving a sales force that doesn’t report directly to you.

Our Method for Improving Dealer Performance

Based on what has worked best for our many clients executing channel sales training, we’ve developed a proven method for maximizing the success of a training initiative. The process includes:

If you’re challenged with channel partners who aren’t selling enough of your product at high margin, targeting the salespeople within your network is the solution you need.


The Brooks Group provides the following sales training solutions for dealership distribution:

TriMetrix® Assessments

TriMetrix® Assessments

The first step in any sales training initiative is making sure the right people are in place to do the job. Incorporating TriMetrix Assessments and selling skills reports into a training program ensures that dealers are hiring the best talent, and allows sales managers to coach reps in the most effective way.

Customized Sales Training

Customized Sales Training

IMPACT Selling is a straightforward sales process that sales reps can easily learn and adapt to a wide range of products and selling situations. Through customized instructor-led training, salespeople will learn the skills needed to translate a product’s technical advantages to business benefits, while maintaining margin.

Program Reinforcement

Program Reinforcement

Our real-time sales coaching and reinforcement programs solidify the training, and ensure that reps don’t revert back to old habits. Management training and reinforcement teaches sales managers to coach reps in the most effective way.

Every company will have a unique channel strategy and business development plan, but you can rest assured that The Brooks Group knows dealership distribution.

We’ve worked with dozens of companies with challenges similar to yours. Through customized sales hiring and sales training solutions, we’ve helped our customers improve their channel dynamics and grow their revenue and market share. 

See how the OEM Bobcat has experienced success from implementing The Brooks Group’s Channel Sales Training approach in this case study.

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Sample Channel Sales Timeline

  • Month 1
    Kickoff meeting with OEM stakeholders
    Strategy session with top dealer principals and/or sales managers
  • Month 2
    Training for OEM managers
  • Month 3-4
    Coaching for OEM managers
    Check-in session with top dealer principals and/or sales managers (How are we - the OEM - doing with this "new way"?)
  • Month 5
    Launch event for dealer principals
  • Month 6
    Management training for dealer principals and/or dealer sales managers
  • Month 7-8
    Coaching for dealer principals and/or dealer sales managers
  • Month 9
    Launch event for dealer reps
  • Month 10
    Cascading training for dealer reps (based on group, region, etc. whatever makes the most sense)
  • Month 11-12
    Coaching for dealer reps
  • Ongoing
    Follow-on development as required across the dealer network

Do You Really Need Customized Sales Training? 

Sales Training

The Brooks Group Customized Sales Training

  • Classroom Delivery
    Without Customized Training…

    Off-the-shelf sales training doesn’t take into account the unique set of challenges that take place in any given selling environment. This results in lower engagement levels from attendees who don’t find the content immediately applicable.

    With Customized Training…

    Relevant, useful content captures the attention of attendees who realize the training will be immediately beneficial in their day-to-day lives. The training is met with interest, rather than resistance.

  • Comprehension
    Without Customized Training…

    The science of adult learning shows that comprehension is based on the relevance and usefulness of the content. That's why non‑customized sales training that doesn't match a salesperson's everyday reality gets lost in translation.

    With Customized Training…

    When learners can apply their previous experience to the content, their ability to comprehend and retain the information dramatically increases. That's why customized training from The Brooks Group gets real traction.

  • 24-Hour Retention
    Without Customized Training…

    After 24 hours, learners retain only 33% of new content. This rate can be improved by customizing the content‑making it more relevant and useful to the learners.

    With Customized Training…

    Relevant and useful training material combats the forgetting curve, meaning more of the training sticks with your team.

  • 3 Month Retention
    60% + 15%
    Without Customized Training…

    Standard online reinforcement improves retention of new information, but doesn't reinforce the actual application of new skills. That means knowledge doesn't get translated into the field.

    With Customized Training…

    Real time group sales coaching provides challenge‑based and socially reinforced training and coaching that strengthens understanding and gets your people applying new skills to their current prospects.

  • Applied
    Never Applied
    Not Coached to Use
    Without Customized Training…

    Learners experience a "knowing‑doing gap" when they don't receive regular training‑specific sales coaching from managers, and when the training is not integrated into daily activities like CRM.

    With Customized Training…

    Sales coaching that helps your team directly apply training to their current challenges, combined with the ability to thread training throughout your existing systems makes new skills and processes the "new normal".

  • In Use
    Unused Over Time
    Unused Over Time
    Without Customized Training…

    Over time, more training knowledge will continue to be lost if it's not made to be the "new normal" by coaching and integration into everyday systems and processes.

    With Customized Training…

    When sales training and sales management training have been operationalized to your unique environment, new skills and sales methods get hardwired into your organization‑allowing you to achieve genuine training sustainability.

What kind of financial commitment can you expect with customized sales training?

The Brooks Group doesn’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” training programs. We’ll work with you to develop a program that’s right for your team.

Pricing will vary from 5,000-60,000 USD depending on the level of customization that takes place, with an average program coming in at around 15,000 USD.

OEM Gains $2.4 Million in Revenue by Providing IMPACT Training for Dealer Network

Bobcat case study

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