Discover Actionable Training to Beat Lower-Priced Competitors

In this 2-day course your salespeople will learn how to hold their ground and sell on value—not price.

Give your team tactics to stop price-cutting competitors in their tracks, and they will no longer:

  • Sacrifice margin to win deals
  • Have to sell on price
  • Be seen as selling a commodity

Customize a Program for Your Sales Team

Sales reps will learn how to:

  • Stop saying and doing things that invite customers to ask them to discount
  • Give customers a solution they will value--instead of a low price
  • Counter the "I can get it cheaper from your competitor" objection
  • Create new sales - and profit - opportunities, and close the sale on their terms
  • Recognize the major tricks that customers use to get them to lower price
  • Sell at high volume - AND get premium prices

How to Sell Against Lower Priced Competition - 5 Ways to Beat Price-Cutting Competitors
Give your salespeople the right strategies to beat price-cutting competitors every time, and protect your bottom line

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2-Day Course Outline


The Numbers Don't Lie: Financial Implications of Price-Cutting

Sales reps will learn:

  • To identify buyers who only care about price
  • To use the Break-Even Formula to quantify the true costs of cutting price
  • To understand the implications that cutting price can have on your entire organization

Three Keys to Selling Value vs. Price

Sales reps will learn:

  • To install a consistent sales process that will allow them to target their selling efforts
  • To stand out from competitors and get customers focused on value instead of price
  • To transition from "Transactional Salesperson" to "Value Interpreter"

Understanding Customer Negotiation Buyers' Tactics

Sales reps will learn:

  • To interpret how an experienced buyer thinks
  • To understand the role of pride in customers' negotiation strategies

Facing and Defeating Price-Cutting Attempts

Sales reps will learn:

  • To use 6 proven tactics to eliminate customer price-cutting attempts

Breaking Bad Habits

Sales reps will learn:

  • To analyze why salespeople may cut price
  • To watch for specific habits that indicate an issue with holding price
  • To shift their focus, strategy, and process for pricing

Course Materials Include

  • Two days of no-nonsense, straightforward facilitation by an expert trainer from The Brooks Group
  • How to Sell Against Lower-Priced Competition Workbook
  • How to Sell At Margins Higher Than Your Competitors, a book co-authored by the late William T. Brooks

Win Back Your Competitive Advantage and Sell on Value—Not Price

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