The Qstream Challenge is on!

A fun, competitive learning game focused on IMPACT Selling.

Your team member’s IMPACT Selling workshop includes Qstream. Over the coming weeks, your team member will enjoy the quick, mobile approach to learning and the fun, competitive gaming elements of Qstream. Participants will receive a few questions every other day to reinforce key messages and sharpen their skills without interfering with selling time.

As a manager, you will have access to Qstream’s graphical dashboards that provide real-time updates on your team’s engagement and proficiency. Quickly and easily identify knowledge gaps, improvement trends and comparisons using our sales fluency heat maps.

Effortlessly execute coaching actions right from your dashboard to congratulate strong performers, re-engage inactive users, or coach team members who are having difficulty with the critical skills and knowledge they need.

Now that my reps have downloaded the app and have started answering questions, what do I do next?”

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