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How to Figure Out What You’re Looking for in a Top Salesperson

top salesperson

Have you ever considered luring top sales talent away from your competitors?

On its surface, the idea seems like an effective and efficient recruiting strategy, but the truth is an A-player at one company won’t always perform at those high levels when their sales environment shifts.

3 Ways a Defined Sales Process Helps Your Salespeople Communicate Value

salespeople communicate value

Buyers are more in control of the sale today than ever before. With unlimited access to information and options, they’re more critical when selecting a provider, and they must be solidly convinced of value before they commit.

4 Ways a Common Language Helps Ramp-Up New Sales Reps

Ramp Up New Sales Reps

Getting new salespeople up to speed quickly is a pivotal factor separating Best-in-Class organizations from their less productive peers. Research from The Sales Management Association indicates that these firms have 10% greater sales growth rates, and 14% better sales and profit objective achievement.  

4 Steps to Improving Forecast Accuracy with a Common Sales Process 

sales forecast accuracy

Sales forecasts are by nature imperfect, but according to SiriusDecisions research, 79% of sales organizations miss their forecast by more than 10%. That inaccuracy has a tremendous effect on an organization’s ability to deliver high-quality products and services to customers.


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