19 Minute Webinars for Sales Leaders
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4 Key Tips for Attracting and Hiring Millennials for Sales Positions


Millennial hires will be the people who grow your brand and organization into the future. As an employer, you must embrace this reality or be left behind. Discover how to develop a framework for attracting bright and ambitious millennial talent, and learn tips for finding candidates who will be loyal and motivated to succeed in your sales organization.

In 19 hyper-focused minutes, we’ll cover:

  • Where to go to look for bright young talent with a basic knowledge of selling skills
  • How to create an authentic company culture that’s tailored to your ideal hire
  • The secret to tapping into a millennial’s motivators and aligning them with the requirements of the position
  • Steps you can take to build your employer brand and attract the talent that will grow your organization into the future